The hip joint is designed to withstand frequent movement and a considerable amount of wear and tear. This joint, the largest in the body, comprising a head and the socket are connected in a manner that enables smooth movement. Whenever you use the hip (eg running),...

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18 Jan Back Pain – Causes and Treatment

Pain in the lower back may be due to various problems in any part of the complex and intertwined network of spinal muscles, nerves, bones, tendons and discs in the lumbar part of the spine. Common causes include: Irritation to large nerve root in the lower...

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17 Jan Treatment and care for bunions

In order to plan the treatment a proper medical examination is necessary to establish the etiology and the specific deformity. Medical therapy can be used to solve the problem etiology, but can not change irreversible adaptation deformity of the cartilage, bones and soft tissue. Therefore,...

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